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Hempafire Pro 315

In accordance with British Standard 476

Our new passive fire protection product, Hempafire Pro 315, has been developed to maintain the stability of steel structures in the event of a fire. Designed specifically to provide cellulosic fire protection with loadings competitive to similar products on the market and higher application efficiency.

Independently third-party tested, Hempafire Pro 315 offers fire protection for both open and hollow steel sections and can be used on almost any steel profile. It has been optimised for 60 minutes and provides some additional fire protection for up to 90 minutes, based on specific profile parameters. Hempafire Pro 315 is available in 2 versions – standard and fast drying. Please consult with your local sales representative which product is suitable for your project and environmental conditions or directly via email hempafirepro@hempel.com.

Used with a primer as part of a two-coat system, it provides both fire protection and corrosion protection in C1 to C3-interior environments (subject to project specification). When combined with a primer and topcoat, it also offers excellent long-term protection in C4 environments. We understand your business demands more than just high-performance protection, so Hempafire Pro 315 has been developed to increase the efficiency of your entire project, from initial specification through to final application.

  1. Save costs with very competitive loadings

    Thanks to its efficient loadings, you require lower dry film thicknesses on most steel profiles, reducing paint consumption compared to similar products. The lower film thicknesses also mean shorter drying times – giving you faster application, with less waste, fewer resources and lower costs.

    Due to the lower film thicknesses required, the coating also achieves better mechanical characteristics faster, reducing the risk of damage during handling and transportation to lower your repair costs.



  2. Increase productivity with fast throughput

    Due to its efficient loadings, Hempafire Pro 315 delivers excellent fi re protection with lower film thicknesses which helps reduce drying times. As a result, your coated steel section can be handled or overcoated sooner, reducing bottlenecks and increasing throughput and efficiency for off-site applications in the paint shop.

    As a high-build coating, Hempafire Pro 315 can also be applied up to 1,600 microns in one coat, which means that almost all steel sections can be covered with just one layer of intumescent coating, making your on-site applications more efficient and your overall project completion times quicker.


  3. Reduce complexity with one product for all profiles

    With multiple coatings for different steel profiles, fire protection can be complex. With Hempafire Pro 315, it no longer has to be. It can be applied to all steel profile types – from thin hollow tubes to large open columns and beams. Hempafire Pro 315 covers it all, making it a versatile solution for both on site and off site applications. As a result, you lower stock requirements and simplify application, logistics and specification processes.


  4. Improve efficiency with versatile application properties

    Hempafire Pro 315 is quick and easy to apply, giving you outstanding application properties and compatibility with your processes. It goes on evenly and dries to a visually attractive finish. In addition, reduced dust formation means you need to spend less time on masking. For onsite applications, Hempafire Pro 315 performs exceptionally well at high film thicknesses, without sagging. All this makes Hempafire Pro 315 a very versatile and applicator-friendly coating.

    >> Find out how Hempafire Pro 315 increased efficiency for leading UK


Reveal the secret of advanced fire protection…

Save costs with very competitive loadings

How can Hempafire Pro 315 increase your efficiency? Get a specification for your next project and find out how much you can save. Read more


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Hempafire Pro 315

Did you know that our intumescent coating can protect valuable assets during fire and potentially save lives? Find out more in our brochure.


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