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The intumescent coatings of our Hempacore range offer passive fire protection that lengthens the time a steel structure will remain intact during a fire. They provide longer evacuation times and allow emergency personnel more time to respond. That means that these advanced coatings solutions not only help to protect investments, but can potentially save lives.

Hempacore provides passive fire protection up to 150 min of cellulosic fire. Manufactured using high-quality raw materials, they give a high performance with low dry film thickness and fast drying times. We also offer coatings suitable for both on-site and in-shop applications.


Hempacore products feature excellent toughness to ensure effective performance. Thanks to high quality raw materials they maintain their protective properties for many years to come. They can also contribute significantly to minimising any potential damage related to transportation, handling and weather exposure during the construction phase. You can count on Hempacore’s quality to last.


Our expertise comes as standard with our intumescent solutions and you can count on us to make the process from specification to the end result as smooth as possible. You not only get products that increase productivity and minimise downtime, you also get the information and service that makes using them easy.


Our Hempacore range makes finding the right solution simple. Each coating covers a wide range of needs, so it takes fewer choices to meet all project challenges.

Reveal the secret of advanced fire protection…

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