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Hempel's protective coatings are used in a wide range of industries, including power generation, infrastructure, chemical plants and many others.

Drawing on decades of experience from the marine segment, Hempel offers anticorrosive coatings for virtually any type of steel structure. Our coatings deliver proven, long-term effectiveness, protecting components in even the most challenging environments.  Based on the latest technology, our coatings can be used in both alkaline and acid environments - and they deliver proven corrosion protection, even in the most challenging situations.

In just a few days, we can supply the right product in a standard shade (including RAL, NCS and BS) for your industry and project, even for smaller tasks. Hempel customers are all over the world, so our products meet global specifications and our assortment is available wherever you are. 

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  1. Oil and Gas

    Hempel is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance coatings for the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. Our coatings are known to provide extensive corrosion protection, even in the world’s harshest environments, and we provide comprehensive coatings and application advice.


  2. Power Generation

    Our wide product assortment and global presence enables us to serve the diverse needs of the energy industry, from the strictly controlled nuclear power industry to the innovative wind energy segment.


  3. Wind Energy

    A supplier to the wind energy industry since 1980, we have worked with many of the industry’s leading wind turbine manufacturers to develop a wide range of specialist coatings for all wind turbine components, from onshore towers and nacelles to offshore foundations and blades.


  4. Infrastructure

    Our protective coatings can be found on millions of surfaces around the globe, protecting large-scale investments from the corrosive forces of nature. Our work covers all areas of the infrastructure segment, from bridges and railcars to port machinery and general construction projects.


  5. Chemical Plants

    At Hempel, we know that no two chemical plants are the same. That’s why we treat every project as unique, drawing on our global network of experts to assemble the ideal project team and working closely with you to design a coating solution for the specific needs of your plant.


Hempel Protective Movie

Whatever project we work on, our philosophy is always larger than just a coating. We take every factor into consideration and then assemble the best team for the job. Find out more about our expertise in the Hempel Protective movie.

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