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Hempel’s coatings protect containers and the environment Hempel is one of the world’s leading suppliers of protective coatings for containers.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of protective coatings for containers, our coatings can be found around the globe on containers of all types, protecting them from harsh environments and rough treatment, and helping prolong periods between maintenance.

As well as coatings for new containers, we also have a range of coatings for repair and maintenance work, and can work closely with you to help streamline your application lines or maintenance intervals.

Advanced products and expert technical advice
Container coatings don’t have a fixed set of application parameters, so we’re constantly working on new solutions to suit changing industry requirements.

EcoBoxcoat, for example, is a waterborne container coating launched in 2010 that you can use on an existing manufacturing line with a 3-4 minute track time run - without investing heavily in line modifications.

But we don’t just supply coatings; we also supply expert technical support. Our coating advisors are on hand to provide expert technical advice throughout the entire process, from helping you select the coating solution to providing onsite guidance to you and your applicators.

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Whether you want a protective coating for a new container or want to extend the lifetime of your older containers, we have the products and expertise you need.


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