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Hempel's Nexus II


Hempel's Nexus II 27400 is a three component silicone based tiecoat with anticorrosive properties.

Area of use

As a sealer/tiecoat for the Hempaguard® / Hempasil Systems.

Maintenance, Antifouling systems: The product is designed for the purpose of recoating old antifouling systems with a Hempaguard® / Hempasil topcoat, creating a link between the aged antifouling system and the Hempaguard® / Hempasil topcoat. This is feasible provided the general condition of the old antifouling system is good. Maintenance/New Build, Full system: The product is designed to be used as a bridging tiecoat between approved anticorrosive primers and Hempaguard® / Hempasil topcoat.