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Hempadur Multi-Strength 45753


Hempadur Multi-Strength 45753 is a self-priming, two-component, highbuild, epoxypolyamide/amine paint which cures to an abrasion and corrosion resistant coating. Applicable by standard heavy duty airless spray equipment.

Area of use

As a heavy duty coating for areas exposed to abrasion and aggressive corrosive climate such as ramps, ship hulls and holds of bulk carriers.
As a ballast tank coating for special purposes such as chemical carriers carrying hot cargoes and other purposes where “pure epoxy coating” is requested.
As a finishing coat where a cosmetic appearance is of less importance.
Hempadur Multi-Strength 45751 is intended for use in warm climates.
Hempadur Multi-Strength 45753 is intended for use in cold climates - see Application Conditions overleaf.


Marine, Protective