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Hempadur Mastic 8588E


Hempadur Mastic 8588E is a two-component polyamide adduct cured, high solids, high build epoxy paint. It forms a hard and tough coating, has good wetting properties and low temperature curing.

Area of use

As a selfprimed, surface tolerant paint system or as an intermediate or finishing coat in heavy duty paint systems where low VOC and high film build are required. Multipurpose coating as per specification for maintenance including ballast tanks and underwater hull and new steel in those cases, where a need for few products outweighs more specialised coatings.
Can be specified where extended recoating properties for polyurethane topcoats are requested (typically travel coating). May be used directly on cured zinc silicate (Galvosil products) or spraymetallized surfaces to minimize popping.
As a topcoat where the usual outdoor cosmetic appearance of epoxy paints is acceptable.