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Hempel's Antifouling Globic 9000 78950


Hempel's Antifouling Globic 9000 78950 is a low friction, self-smoothening SPC antifouling with a high solids content. The nano-capsule acrylate copolymers is the main binder which in combination with a powerful bioactive mixture makes it suitable for protection on vessels operating in aggressive fouling waters. The highly controlled self-polishing is made possible by hydrolysis and the nano-capsule acrylates finetuned interaction with seawater. The nano-capsule acrylate binder technology is patented like the innovative formulation of inorganic fibre reinforcement which ensures an extraordinary mechanical strength.

Area of use

As a selfpolishing antifouling for newbuilding and maintenance of bottom and boottop on deep-sea going vessels operating at low to high speed. May be specified for Extended Dry Docking (EDD) up to 90 months. This product does not contain organotin compounds acting as biocides and complies with the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Antifouling Systems on Ships as adopted by IMO October 2001 (IMO document AFS/CONF/26). Aluminium hulls: see Remarks overleaf.